House Party Etiquette

Summer time is upon us and we are all about the house parties, pool parties, adult cook outs, BBQs, and Man Cave bashes! Really, anything that we use as an excuse to get together and have some fun. house-party-300x200

But, as with every other post on this blog, I have to lay out a few rules and regulations and give you mo-fo’s some tact lessons when it comes to House Party Etiquette!

We are adults now and with being an adult comes certain responsibilities and behaving properly, for the most part. So I have come up with a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to having and heading to your next house party, mmmkay!

byob-300x200Bring a dish or BYOB (bring your own beverage) Your host(ess) has spent a ton of money buying everything, setting stuff up, and providing you a fun place to let loose and party. As soon as you get that call or text letting you know that you are invited to a party, ask them if there is something that they would like you to bring.


Do not be an Indian Giver or a takesy backsy! Seriously dude, what the flippin’ eh are you thinking? Nothing is worse than you being a cheap skate and taking back what you brought in. Even if you have 2 beers left, you better keep your drunk paws off of them. And that bottle of liquor that never got touched, consider that the price of admission. LEAVE IT!


Be respectful to the home or garage (like this one – click here) that you are going to be letting loose at. If you spill something, clean it up. No need to be a complete and utter pig! best rule of thumb, treat it the way you would want others to treat your pad!

DON’T: opendataparty-cover-300x150

Throw up all over the place. Make sure you get to a toilet, trash can, or even in the yard AWAY from everyone else! Don’t piss all over the toilet and/or floor because you are trying to play ‘pop the bubbles’ with your own urine. Dude, have some class!


If this is a classier dinner party, make sure you RSVP to it please. Let the host(ess) know that you are coming so that enough food will be prepared. Also, let them know if you are bringing someone.


Show up unannounced or with extra guests. And for the love of pete, DO NOT show up with kids to any type of house party unless your friends have kids and you have specifically asked if kids are allowed. Seriously – is that what you want your kids to see anyway?

Have fun this summer and be safe! Send in your pics and comments of your summer parties!