Elevator Etiquette

We live in a city. So, most of us, including many of you, work in offices.

Offices with people. All kinds of people. Big people, little people…regardless of their size, they can be annoying. It is especially irritating when one of you peasants interrupts our elevator ride.caramel-macchiato-frappuccino-300x241

The elevator ride up to the office is the last little piece of heaven before we have to open the big steel door and go pony up for “The Man.”

So please – don’t piss us off so we can hold our crap together until at least 10:00 a.m. and not flip out before our Starbucks Caramel Macchiato pump us full of overly-sugared, syrupy, crack a-lacking legal .

Ok – we’re ready now that we re-aranged all of the action figures on our desk to make sure they are in battle stance (yes we’re nerds!).

1. Elevator Occupants Out First!

elevator-etiquette1-300x225 Mr. Middle Management – we know you are super excited to get to work for another round of severances, but how about you slow down and let the people in the elevator out first before you bum-rush the open doors and practically hump their legs on the way in?

Although we didn’t do well in math and physics, we sure can tell you there’s no room for your Stetson-smelling, animal-tie-wearing, pit-stained self in the elevator until the original occupants get out.

And how about giving them some room! Just because you’re not running into them doesn’t mean you still aren’t still being an ass. Give them ROOM to exit. Unless said occupants have personalized jet packs and can fly over your fat ass, move it over!
2. Do not eat in the elevator!

Man oh man – that double stacker tuna casserole sandwich you just bought in the cafeteria sure does look good but how about you keep it in the bag there bucko, rather than opening it on the elevator.

Seriously man – keep that thing under wraps! That tuna is already starting to cling to the walls like bad wallpaper and I am sure we will be walking out smelling a little fishy ourselves, so we definitely DO NOT want you pulling that bad boy out of it’s safe place!

You can wait the 90 or so seconds it takes to get to your floor and then the addtional 30 seconds it takes to get to your cube to open your lunch. We’re certain your co-workers won’t be happy about it either, but that is an entirely different blog for later.

Your lunch = your business…but please don’t eat in the elevator and make your fellow passengers want to throw you on the ground along with your sandwich wrapper.

3. It can ONLY hold so much!

Yes, elevators have weight capacity guidelines posted on that little inspection sheet in the corner, but that doesn’t mean 1200 pounds is the “goal weight” of the elevator! This is no contest on how many suits we can stuff in there so that we have a good joke whilst standing at the water cooler.


NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 18: Older job-seekers crowd into an elevator on the way to a employment seminar at a “Work Search” event aimed at older unemployed people January 18, 2011 at a high school gymnasium in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The event, sponsored by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), consisted of workshops for basic job skills like resume building targeted to an over-50 job seeking demographic. Unemployment for older worker has decreased slightly in the past year, though rates are still three times higher than they were a decade ago, when only 2.5 percent of people over 45 were jobless. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

No, we’re not going to weigh you before you get in. Just pay attention to your surroundings and the other people you are getting on the elevator with. The last thing we want is to get stuck on this puppy with Cheeto Face and Sweaty Mid-Management Man for a good hour while they try to get us out with the jaws of life cause we broke the effing elevator.

If said elevator is too gosh darn full, then wait another two minutes there, Sparky – you won’t die but your double stacker tuna cassarole sandwich may get cold.