Apartment Living Ettiquette

Music is a beautiful thing. But not at 4 in the morning.

Unless you own your own place, that is. Then wail away, Hendrix.loud-neighbor-300x188

But if your humble abode is attached to other abodes of humbleness, you should know better than to rock Lady Gaga’s latest single after bar time.

If you are a ‘burb dweller or a country folk, then by all means, you can wail away until the cows come home.

But then again, it is something you probably already knew that you were able to do and therefore would not need my permission to do so.

In fact, if you are a ‘burb dweller or a country folk, why the heck would you even be reading this post?

Well, if you decide to come to the city for a long, extended visit and you need to know what Apartment Living Etiquette is like….

You should. But since you don’t, let us lay it on ya:

Play your music…and play it out loud!

Enjoy yourself. You pay the bills (at least you should) and you have a right to blast away!

Play music (recording OR instruments!) at high decibels and inappropriate times.

We’re not going to spell it out any further here. This one you can figure out. Weekends are generally cool and understandable, but 3 a.m. on a weekend night is still not kosher as Christmas you jag-off. SO don’t do it!

So the next time you come stumbling from the bar, go straight to your bathroom medicine cabinet and open it. There you will find the note you wrote yourself saying:

Check the time.
If after midnight,
No drunken renditions of
Johnny Cash on the
Un-tuned guitar!

While you’re in there, grab two Ibuprofen (you’ll thank us tomorrow) and then head over to your Guitar Hero instead. With the headphones!