City Life vs. Country Living


So let’s look at the pros vs. the cons of the city life and country living, shall we?

urban-etiquette-300x171CONS to City Life:

  1. Crime Rate – You’re much more inclined to be considered a victim of a crime living in a large city. But is that because there are more people in the city, thus making the statistics seem higher or is it because people in the city are just meaner? Hmmmm…..a pondering thought, no?Guess that would be a PRO for the Country living. Unless being trampled by a cow is considered a crime!
  2. Expensive – It is a known fact that it costs more in the city. But I think that that is because you have everything you need at your fingertips. You have the better resturants, better bars, better clubs, etc etc etc! The very fact is that the price of living in cities is likewise very significant. A lot of the population prefer living in a large town mainly due to the fantastic advantages it has compared to living within the countryside.Another PRO for the Country living. Especially when you have all of your money buried in the back yard or under your mattress. But then again, it could be a CON for the Country because you have to drive 20 miles just to get to your nearest Walmart!
  3. Pollution – Ok, I have to admit, this is a CON for the city and a big PRO for the Country! But your medical facilities may be more convenient for you in the City rather than in the Country. Fresh air is surely one of the primary positive elements of country living in comparison with city life. Country living has loads of benefits despite the reality that the city appears to be so appealing.

The thing is, both places have their own PRO’s & CON’s to them. It is really up to each individual person as to what they want, like, and prefer. city-country-living-300x200

In case you have the ability to work at home, living within the country may be wonderful although it’s important to remember, that taking good care of the property can take a huge sum of time.

Those are just a number of the many advantages of living out of town. City Life vs. Country Living There are several advantages and pitfalls of choosing to reside in the ‘burbs or the country or to reside in the city.

Some individuals are fonder of life within the city as opposed to the ‘burbs / country or vice versa due to a variety of factors.

Initially, the thought of raising kids within the city was daunting. Suburban life is much more relaxed. It’s the people which make the city and also the experience. Social possibilities with a huge number of people living together, cities provide you with an opportunity to make new friends.

Living within the country offers quite a few benefits over city dwelling however it’s not as idyllic as many individuals think it’s.