No Wexting In The City

Ceonx0qXEAAKPCO-300x173WEXTING – to walk and text at the same time with no regards to who or what you run into!

When it gets to the point that an entire city feels it must pad its lamp posts due to the severe inconsiderateness of some of its populace, something must be done!

According to news reports, portions of London are now testing the effective implementation of padded lamp posts.

…Yes, you read that correctly.

Why? Because apparently a significant sub-sect of Londoners are running into things while attempting to walk and text at the same time.

What should be a no-brainer is apparently a matter for the British government to tackle.

No such luck here. We’ll handle good old American stupidity the Capitalistic way! By blogging about it for money!

Why not, right?download

Hell, we say: if some people (not even just some too-busy Brits who can’t be asked to gaze ahead of their gait) are ignorant enough to run into things whilst walk-texting (wexting!), then they deserve a chipped tooth or three!

Maybe some of these ^&#()&s will even smack themselves hard enough to knock their reproduction gene for good. The mere possibility makes us demand that the U.S. boycott even any mention of implementing any such nonsensical wastes of taxpayer funds here. After all, helping people not hurt themselves is thoroughly un-American!

This goes beyond the UK and the city. I have even heard tell of some of the ‘burb dwellers and country folk have had this problem. When you are walking down the hallway of your school or you are in the store shopping for your TV dinners, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING! Don’t no one want to be hit in the back of their ankles with your cart cuz you can’t WAIT to post some stupid status about all the milk, eggs, and bread being gone just because the weather man predicted a 1/4″ of snow!

Seriously people! This is the most COMMON of all common sense!

Text message.

Or try to actively transport yourself by any means whilst texting!

In this case, the Do Not’s also include:
-Riding a bike
-Pushing infants in strollers (also known as walking…with a mini-human)
-Skipping rope

*If someone decides to drive and text at the same time, then it is your duty and civil right to smack the crap out of said offender at the very first opportunity that you get.