Public Restroom Line Etiquette

toliet-rulesThis is another one of those “this should go without saying” but yet…I have to mention it and bring it up!

When visiting an event, a concert, or any public gathering, OF ANY KIND, you will assuredly find shortages of the porcelain kind. In other words, you will have to stand in line to visit the loo. So be ready and be prepared.

I have included some very common courtesies that you need to contend with to make life and the bathroom line a little less frustrating and annoying!

Courtesy # 1 – First Come – First Serve

cutting-in-line23-300x174Ok, seriously people! What is wrong with people that like to ‘cut in line’? Didn’t you learn this in kindergarten? Anyone that is in line or in front of you when you arrive, goes BEFORE you. It is just that simple. Nothing to difficult there, eh?

One tip though….go to the line where the most males are standing. It is common sense – they are going to move faster due to the *ahem* equipment that they carry.

You’re welcome.

Courtesy # 2 – Keep it Moving!

The bathroom is not a conference room or a social hangout. Especially when there are a disproportionate number of restrooms, anyway. If this is some swank spot with posh facilities, then have at it. Go cry, laugh, gossip and make mischief all you want. But if there are throngs of people leaning against walls or hopping around with crossed legs and looks of anguish about them, do us all a favor and make it snappy.

You can do your makeup and talk with your lady-friend over near the mirrors, for goodness sakes.

Courtesy # 3 – Pint Size Peanuts Need Help!kids-bathroom-300x169

We all love the little wipper snappers and they are just as cute as a button until you send them to a line that is a mile long and they are dancing around trying
not to wet themselves.

Kids are slow, messy, clueless, rude and stinky. So don’t send your unaccompanied tyke off to a high-tension line for a public bathroom unless you mean to punish them. After all, these little ones need help among the big bad city folk and we shan’t be held responsible for the things that may or may not come out of the mouths of the sailors accompanying the restroom.

Courtesy # 4 – NOT the Seat, man!

When “draining the lizard” into toilet fellas, lift the damned seat. We’re ashamed that we even have to tell you this, but we’ve been to far too many public toilets only to find your little dribblet gifts left in a most inconsiderate manner all over the seat and floor.

Learning how to properly pee pee is usually a toddler-age feat, so get it together already, ya jerks

Courtesy # 5 – High Fives Not Allowed

gross-hands-300x190Wash your damned hands, ya filthy animal. No really. Please. And since public events often don’t provide the best facilities, consider popping a couple of wet-naps in your pocket or snagging a small bottle of hand sanitizer on your way out the door.

Until you can make a habit of basic cleanliness, we’ll pass on the high-fives, mmkay? Yeah, thaaaanks.

These are just a few of the courtesies that go a LONG way whether you are in the country, the ‘burbs, or the city. It is COMMON sense, so please….use it!