She’s Pregnant – MOVE!

That lady with a big tummy? Yeah, she’s pregnant.

She could probably use a seat. Your seat. In fact, we’d go so far as to insist that unless you are disabled in some way (being fat doesn’t count), you should give her your seat.
We know. No, we get it. You were there first, it’s rightfully yours, yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

There’s one simple response to every excuse: don’t be a jerk!

This is a tough one because it requires actual, physical awareness of one’s surroundings. Apparently, this is quite a lot to ask of some folks.

But while you’re zoning out your sea of newspapers, magazines, messenger bags, laptops and/or iPod earbuds, you should really be aware of what is going on around you.

That’s just good advice for anyone, anywhere. If some shady character enters your bus or your train (tube?!) car, you should know about it just in case. It’s a matter of personal safety.

It is a kindness that, well, goes without saying. At least it should!

I dare say that unless you are a woman and you have been through being 7 months pregnant in the middle of July traipsing through the city, barely catching the bus because you are carrying an extra 15 pounds IN FRONT, then you have no right to NOT give up your seat.

I mean come on – if it were your wife, sister, mother, or aunt, wouldn’t you do it?

No comment.

We don’t know and heck, we don’t wanna know! Neither do you, so just get up and offer your seat if you know what’s good for you. Trust us.

Give up your seat to child-bearers (womb-tastic, infantile, and toddler-iffic alike) the elderly, the handicapped and the utterly, unbearably psychotic.

Be selfish and ignore someone in need simply because you were there first. Call it Karma. Call it good will toward mankind. Shoot, call it figgin “Suzy” if you want! Whatever you call it. Just move.