Taxi Cab Etiquette

When in the city, hailing a cab is a pretty simple and easy process:

  1. Flag down a cab
  2. Enter & give destination
  3. Pay & exit

Simple, right?

Not for some!

Thus, the reason for the Taxi Cab Etiquette. To help all of those country folk and the ‘burb dwellers to conquer the TAXI CAB MISHAPS! (Cabbies can thank me later)

Rule #1 – My Way or the Highway

straight-shot-150x150fare’s¬†(that’s you)¬†preference rules the ride. If said route is ignored and your ride subsequently takes longer or costs more, you then reserve the right to pay less than the displayed fare.

Is this the direct route or is the cabbie ‘milking’ you? This rule also applies to an experienced cabbie “accidentally” taking a wrong turn / incorrect off-ramp that then adds additional time and cost to the trip.

Rule #2 – First Right of Clown Car Refusal

When that cab rolls up and you and your 4 pals all try to pile in, that cabbie has the right to refuse to let that MANY people in his cab. After all, that is extremely illegal and your cabbie knows that he would be the one getting the ticket is Mr. Fuzz pulls him over, not you! So nice try, hire a limo or hail a second cab there slick!

Rule #3 – Play that Funky Music, White Boy!play-that-funky-music-300x165

You (the fare) have the right to request a radio station, but it’s the cabbie’s car so unfortunately your request can be denied or ignored. However, you do have the right to dictate the volume of anything
playing in the back seat during your ride. So if you are wanting that funky music played and you are kindly denied, that does not mean that you have to suffer through some wild music that you can’t even understand the words to. Maybe you and your buds can start singing Koom-bah-ya.

Rule # 4 – Exit the correct way, dummy!

Ok, this is a pet peeve of mine and drives me bonkers every time I see it. When you are exiting a cab, GET OUT ON THE SIDEWALK SIDE!!! Do not try to dodge cars barreling down the city streets by opening your door on the street side. Just slide your fat butt over and get out on the correct side. No cabbie wants to see you or his door ripped in half because you are too dense to know which side to get out on!

Rule #5 – Tip the Cabbie!29cityroom-taxi-blog480-300x200

Seriously man, this should go without saying, but apparently, it needs to be addressed. SO…tip the friggin cab driver when you are getting out. The dude just saved you from walking 20 blocks or saved you from making a complete and utter fool of yourself by driving drunk. (we all know how I feel about that one)

If the cabbie was nice, took you on a direct route, let you listen to your favorite tunes, then by all means, tip the dude / dudette! A good rule of thumb is to tip 10-30% of the fare!

Being a jerkface takes VERY little effort but being a nice guy that comes into the city goes a long way.

So, play nice and the city will play nice back!