Waiting in Line Etiquette

I have no idea why I even have to go over this and why this isn’t common sense, but people: figure out how to form a line without getting in the friggin’ way!

It’s very simple: don’t form a line out into a walkway.
Don’t form a line in the middle of anything, really!
That’s it! That’s all there is to it! This is so ridiculous that we certainly wouldn’t bother if it were as obvious to the general public as it should be. Seriously – just line up in such a way that you’re alongside a wall or otherwise out of the way.

tax-day-post-office-300x225Aggravating example #1: The Post Office on Tax Day

Look, we get it – totally! We know you’re in a hurry. So are we. We all procrastinated until the last minute. Shame on us all!

But help us out here… We already want to Go Postal (literally), but don’t fuel the fire by lining up across the open room and in front of the door or paperwork kiosk! We already have it in for The Man. Don’t line up into our cross hairs, for crying out loud!

Aggravating example #2: ATM Lines

I know this may be a difficult thing for ‘burb dwellers and country folk to understand, especially since all of their ATMs are drive up ones, BUT if the ATM is out on the street and you’re waiting in line to use it, for cripes’ sake *move the hell alongside the wall rather than perpetuating a line that juts out into the sidewalk. Sidewalks are for walking. People can’t walk when your punk arse is standing in the way.

*Caveat: do NOT stand right next to the person at the ATM! Give them some space so they don’t think you’re trying to nab their PIN! …unless you’re trying to nab their PIN. In which case, Urban-Etiquette.net claims no responsibility for Identity Theft.

Aggravating example #3: Grocery Store Linesmochadad-whole-foods-hurricane-ike-300x200

When possible, curve your line around (alongside cashier product displays, etc) rather than straight out from the cashier so that you’re not lining up into an area that is intended for passersby.

We realize that many grocery stores are not well-designed for this. That is not your fault. But you can help by simply being aware of the flow of foot-traffic around you and by doing your best to stay out of the way.

Believe us: if you get in the way of a socialite debutante and her crumpets at Whole Foods – you’re asking for it!

Form lines. Lines are the commonly-accepted way to wait your turn. Goooood etiquetter, you get a biscuit.

Form lines out into walkways. Again, you can’t always help it, but most of the time you can stay out of the way of pedestrians by simply lining up using common sense.